Everi, Software Developer IIIĀ – Team Lead (June 2015 – Present)

Member of the game development team whose responsibility it is to create original game titles for slot machines.

My role involves working closely with producers, artists and math designers to make sure the games follow a given set of target features and behave as desired.

In addition to my responsibilities as a game developer I also serve as a team lead, managing a small group of developers. As team lead, I offer guidance and feedback to my team members ensuring their games stay on schedule and that their code is optimal and follows best practices.

411 Productions DTLA, Mobile Engineer (June 2014 – October 2014)

Created a location based mobile game for Android as part of a 4-month Google contracted project at 411 Productions DTLA.

My responsibility on the project was to create a mobile game client that could retrieve and play through game data that had been created by a web tool we developed for use with the game.

I did the initial setup for the client to use the Google Map and Location API’s for Android. I also handled the client’s retrieval of all the game data from our authenticated Google App Engine server and created the various game data structures to hold this information on the client. Additionally, I worked on a majority of the XML layouts for the client UI in order to match mockups created by the designers.